Russell Forest

Fit for Any Adventure

Its roots date back to 1845, when the Russell family settled here and began farming. When the Russells left farming for other business interests in the early 1900s, the forest began reclaiming the eroding old cotton fields, and the land has been constantly nudged toward its origins ever since. Today, the Russell Forest comprises several thousand acres of property along the shoreline of beautiful Lake Martin. The forest is a place where current and future generations of Lake Martin residents and visitors are able to experience woodlands and the animal and plant life supported by it. Additionally, the natural water filtration provided by the Russell Forest further contributes to the protection of the purity of Lake Martin’s water. To its stewards, the Russell family and Russell Lands, it is paramount that development proceeds in a manner that creates a sense of harmony with nature.

And there’s no better way to enjoy a little adventure than by choosing your own path within The Russell Forest Trail System. Our hiking, biking and equestrian trails weave and wind for more than 120 miles, giving you almost unlimited choices for exercise and activity. Along the way, you’ll be surrounded by lush pines and hardwoods, and serenaded by many of the area’s native birds. Skip a few stones for luck as you cross the creeks and streams that rise and fall with the changing seasons. Take a break for sandwiches when your trail graces the Lake Martin shoreline. And, as the sun begins to drop behind the trees, choose a path leading to Russell Crossroads, where you can relive your day’s adventures over dinner with family and friends.

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